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The Sian Bradwell Endowment Fund

Each one of us is given life for a reason. None of us gets through without some sort of pain – physical, emotional, psychological … I believe that when our purpose in life has been fulfilled and we have done whatever work we were intended to do, we are called home. Our little Sian, though her life was only 17 months long, accomplished the tasks for which she was given to us. Her name means “precious gift of God”, and she was precious beyond words.

The volunteers of the Sian Bradwell Fund have been raising funds for the purchase of medical equipment in Sian's name, through sports tournaments, collection of donations, sale of advertising space in our annual book and other sundry fundraising efforts. Such events would not be possible without the assistance of friends and our wonderful volunteers.

There will come a day, however, when we may not find enough volunteers to run the fundraisers, or the circumstances of friends may change and they may not be able to hold fundraisers. In preparation for that day, we have set up the endowment fund so that we can continue to donate funds to purchase medical equipment for treating children with cancer.  In so doing, we keep Sian’s name alive, as she was -- and remains -- our inspiration for helping other children. If the life of even one child is saved, and that child goes on to be a researcher, teacher, doctor or just a good person who gives something back to improving someone else’s life, our efforts will have been well worthwhile.

Thank you for your gracious support.

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    “ God Bless and Happy Holidays ”

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