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Melodie's Magical 8th Birthday

This year my daughter wants to do something different. Through out the past few years Melodie has been closely followed at the Children's Hospital for little things here and there. It wasn't till her 3rd birthday when she had her ENT surgery, that i couldnt be more thankful to a bunch of strangers for taking care of my child.

Our experience changed both our views and I'm very proud to say this year Melodie is doing a self-less act and asking for people to donate to help others just as they helped her. I couldnt be more proud of her

  • Michael Dadourian, $20.00March 7, 2018
  • Edward Hakim, $10.00March 2, 2018
  • Anahis Doghramadjian, $100.00March 2, 2018

    “ Happy Birthday and God bless you!
    From Meme & Nene ”

  • Diane Gendron, $50.00March 1, 2018

    “ Bravo Mélodie, Très belle action Nous sommes fières de toi ”

  • Rachel Pepin, $10.00March 1, 2018

    “ Happy birthday Melo!
    The best gift is giving back to others :) ”

  • Josee Turcotte, $40.00March 1, 2018

    “ I’m so proud of you Melo xx❤️ ”

  • Sara Dagostino, $20.00March 1, 2018

    “ I si proud of you Melo! ”

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