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Fond Christophe Robichaud Fund

Les fonds amassés sur cette collecte de fonds sont tous dirigés vers le Fond Christophe Robichaud Fund.

The Christophe Robichaud Fund was created in 2005. It's sole purpose was, and remains, to amass funds for the Montreal Children's hospital oncology department, and to help patients in need. Our contributions go towards medical machinery, supplies, items/services to ease and ameliorate the harrowing journey that is childhood cancer.

Together, we can make that number larger, a number that translates itself into better care and generosity. 

  • Manon Sarrasin, $100.00September 28, 2017

    “ Pour felicitate la miss en line de ce site et des efforts de collected de christophe ”

  • Fonds Christophe Robichaud Fund, $141740.00September 28, 2017

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