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Aubrie & Brielle's Gift

When Aubrie was first born, we were shocked to find out that she needed medical attention from the neurosurgery team at the Montreal Children's Hospital.
Thanks to Dr.Atkinson and his team, Aubrie had a successful surgery at 5 months old.

We were relieved when Brielle was born 2 years later without any problems. Within 7 weeks however, she developed Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)/Bronchiolitis and was hospitalized at the Montreal Children's Hospital for 3 days.
Again, the amazing doctors and nurses came to our rescue.

For this reason, every year on their birthdays, we ask for donations to be made in their names to help other children get treatment.

Thank you for being part of this very special gift!

  • Olivier and Rose-Marie Theriault, $120.00December 8, 2017

    “ Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughters! xox ”

  • Kelly Sauve, $30.00November 24, 2017

    “ Happy Birthday to you both! What a great way to celebrate your birthdays.
    Love you,
    Marc, Kelly, Ella and Erika ”

  • Jamie Olivier, $50.00November 24, 2017

    “ Happy birthday Auntie and Brielle ❤ ”

  • David Annett, $200.00November 20, 2017

    “ Happy Birthday girls!! Grandpa David & Grandma Michelle :) ”

  • Jonathan Theriault, $100.00October 30, 2017

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