The Healthy Kids Fund: for the hospital’s most urgent needs

From pillows for little heads to cutting edge equipment your gifts make the difference.

The Children's treats more than 250,000 sick children each year, and our need for state-of-the-art equipment, innovative research, and specialized programs continues to grow. Your donations help to ensure that the hospital's most urgent needs are met, and allow The Children's to continue to provide the superior care for which it is renowned.

What are The Children’s most urgent needs?

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Thanks to our donors’ generosity, the Foundation is able to help The Children’s respond to the ongoing needs that are most critical to maintaining its exceptional level of care.

Donations may be used to purchase life-saving medical equipment or fund research into childhood diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. Teaching the next generation of doctors and nurses, and helping families facing financial difficulties due to their child’s hospitalization are other important priorities that depend on dollars raised by the Foundation. Even little things, like buying a digital camera to commemorate a special birthday spent at The Children’s, would not be possible without your support.

Your donation is vital to the Hospital's success as a world leader in pediatric healthcare. When you make a donation to the Hospital’s most urgent needs, you make a difference in the lives of countless patients and their families.

Thank you for showing how much you care about saving lives and caring for sick children.

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