Tiny Tim Fund: helping The Children’s most disadvantaged families

Pediatric Social Work, which is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, deals with a wide range of cases. These include child poverty, physical and emotional abuse, eating disorders, and the impact of acute, chronic and terminal illness on children and their families.

The sad truth is that illness strikes indiscriminately. When it occurs in a family with limited means, or when it means the loss of the income of one of the parents, a child's illness often drags an entire family into the depths of poverty. Hospital staff knows only too well the insidious nature of poverty and its effect on a family's ability to meet the challenges that illness can present.

More than 3600 patients and families are helped each year by our social workers.

The Tiny Tim Fund

Thanks to the Tiny Tim Fund, the Hospital has a vehicle to enhance the quality of life for children and their families by providing services that they would not be able to afford as a result of a crisis due to illness. The Foundation needs your help to meet its annual commitment to give $300,000 to the Tiny Tim Fund, to ensure that our social work team is able to continue providing critical support to families in need.

For over fifty years, the Tiny Tim Fund has enabled parents without means to transport their sick child to their Hospital visits, arranged accommodations for out-of-town families, provided meal tickets during their child’s hospitalization, and helped pay for medication and wheelchairs. In addition, large numbers of families from northern communities have access to and frequently use the services of the Tiny Tim Fund as they travel from far with their children.

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