How are funds allocated?

The professional team and Board of Directors at the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation work diligently to ensure that funds raised thanks to your donations are distributed carefully. Whether they are for equipment, research or special projects, donor contributions serve to meet our hospital's most urgent needs.

Donations to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation are distributed to the hospital and used to support the following:


A world-renowned leader providing a broad spectrum of highly specialized care to newborns, children, and adolescents, the Montreal Children’s Hospital is a place where families can be confident they are in the best of hands. Through funding of innovative programs and equipment in numerous departments, your donations help our multidisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals deliver patient and family-centered care that is second to none.


New discoveries and advancements made through research at the Children’s are constantly transforming the field of pediatrics. Thanks to the generous support of visionary donors, researchers such as Dr. Constantin Polychronakos who, along with his team, is pursuing the development of antibodies that will target rogue T-cells in children with diabetes, continually strive to make exciting breakthroughs in a vast array of disciplines, delivering precious knowledge from the lab to the bedside and providing new hope for generations of children to come.


The Montreal Children’s Hospital is the pediatric teaching hospital of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, one of North America’s top universities. Young healthcare professionals have the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest in their respective fields and many choose to continue their careers with the hospital. The Distance Teaching and Learning Centre for Northern and Native Child, Youth and Family Health (DTLC), which provided nursing training and education in the Far North and other outlying regions of Quebec, is an example of how donations help foster the spirit of learning and skill sharing that are so vital to the Children’s.

The Executive Committee ensures that funds are distributed according to donors' wishes and that the needs of our young patients are met. The Budget Committee plays a key role in establishing an annual budget and controlling the Foundation’s yield. In collaboration with auditors from Deloitte, the Audit Committee's mandate is the supervision of financial systems and control of the organization, reviewing annual financial statements and recommending their approval by the Board, as well as proposing appropriate accounting policies and practices. Finally, to make sure that the funds are prudently invested and well-managed, the Investment Committee makes investment decisions on behalf of the Foundation and follows investment policies and advice.

To learn more about how donations to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation are distributed, please download our annual report

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