Xavier finally hears the sound of his mother’s voice

Beginning with his first visit to the Children’s on December 12, 2003, a great and long adventure began for Xavier. Because he was an ideal candidate for the BAHA, Dr. Daniel proposed installing the prosthetic in one of his ears. To do this, he had to wait until Xavier’s skull was sufficiently developed.

Another challenge, this one financial, had to be overcome. The BAHA project is not financed with public resources. To help Xavier, Dr. Daniel firstly had to find the necessary funds to develop this project. Through the Hospital Foundation’s planned donations program, two generous donors, Mr. and Mrs. Arduini, agreed to help Dr. Daniel start up his BAHA prosthetic implantation program. Their donation also allowed two other patients at the Hospital to receive a prosthetic.

The installation of the BAHA prosthetic is done in three parts. For Xavier, the first surgery was done on November 29, 2005. It permitted the anchoring of the screw that holds the apparatus in place, which will transmit the sound in his skull. He had to wait another six months for the second surgery, which completed the anchoring of the prosthetic. Before proceeding to the final step, which would finally allow Xavier to hear, the skin graft to cover the anchor of the prosthetic had to form a scar.

The installation of Xavier’s BAHA prosthetic was the first one completed by Dr. Daniel at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which, with the Shriner’s, are the only ones offering this option in Quebec. Dr. Daniel has become a great friend of Xavier’s, and has also been a veritable source of hope for his entire family. Xavier’s deafness resulted in a delay in language development, but according to Dr. Daniel, he will catch up thanks to the BAHA prosthetic.

Today, Xavier hears sounds with a clarity that no other auditory apparatus could have brought him before now.

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