A huge Canadiens fan, Steven always reaches his goals

Steven was just one month old when his parents learned about the disease that would necessitate many follow-ups at the Children’s. When he was five years old, two optic gliomas were detected, for which he received daily injections for four years. Since then, two brain tumours were detected. He was just seven years old. It was at this moment that Dr. José Louis Montes, director of the department of Neurosurgery, took Steven under his wing. Because the tumours were in the brainstem, they risked causing major problems. Since this diagnosis, Steven has undergone seven operations and numerous radiation treatments. In spite of everything, Steven is a fighter. He remains optimistic, and has an exceptional will to be cured. In his most difficult moments, he manages to find the strength to help others, and was the spokesperson for the 2007 edition of Pedal for Kids. It’s not a coincidence that Steven got involved in this event - funds raised in 2007 benefitted the Neurology department.

Although the gene causing Steven’s disease was recently identified, finding a cure is far off. Research is paramount in this pursuit. The surgical procedures required by children like Steven are complex and demand state-of-the-art equipment. Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation’s donors, this equipment is available. Research is also dependent upon our donors, which is why we wish to thank all our supporters.

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