For the love of Émilie

Émilie was born on March 8, 2000. Full of life, Émilie was a sociable, healthy little girl; she slept well, loved to dance and have fun. Suddenly, in the summer of 2003, she began vomiting more and more often. Thinking their daughter had a food allergy, Émilie’s parents took her to the doctor. In the fall, when the frequency of the vomiting became alarming, the young girl’s pediatrician detected pressure behind her eyes. He immediately sent Émilie for tests at the Children’s.

Émilie’s parents will never forget the day the tests took place. It was the day they met Dr. Jean-Pierre Farmer for the first time. We will always remember Dr. Farmer for the compassion he showed. We were so grateful for the way he so clearly explained the procedure that was required for cases like Émilie’s, recall her parents.

The initial surgical procedure performed by Dr. Farmer the day after her diagnosis allowed physicians to free the cerebrospinal fluid that was no longer able to flow freely because of the tumour using endoscopy. This procedure stopped the vomiting. Four days later, Dr. Farmer was able to remove the tumour. However, the battle to destroy the many cancerous cells was just beginning.

In an effort to minimize the permanent side effects that can occur with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and considering Émilie was just three years old, a team of experts at the Children’s designed a personalized treatment plan. The result? Today, Émilie has been in remission for two years thanks to her strength, the love of her parents, and the treatment from all the expert teams at the Children’s.

Editor’s note: After the publication of this article, we learned that Émilie has had a recurrence of her illness. We wish her, as well as her family, the courage and the strength to confront this new challenge.

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