Our friend Shilvi


Colourful little Shilvi, the well-known personality loved by children and parents throughout Quebec for her songs and adventures with Popo, has been our tireless spokeskid for four years. Cheerful, engaging and generous, Shilvi has lent her image, voice and even her favourite toy Popo to help The Children's young patients.

For writer, composer and performer Sylvie Dumontier, Shilvi's creator, this adventure has been a natural evolution. The character of Shilvi has entertained children for well over ten years, and she is delighted to help the Foundation achieve its objectives to enable The Children's to continue offering the best care possible.

Shilvi's sweet little face is everywhere: in your mail, on the road, at the movies or on The Children's exterior. We know that this young, imaginative, mischievous girl will continue to make you smile and touch your heart as she reminds us that sick children need our help.

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