A Montrealer undertakes one of swimming’s biggest challenges


While most of us celebrate our birthdays with candles and cake, 43-year-old Montrealer Alan Clack will mark his by swimming the English Channel to raise $33,000 ($1000 for each km of the journey) for the Family Resource Centre in the new Montreal Children’s Hospital. After months of open-water training, Clack departed from Shakespeare Beach in Dover on September 6 for the grueling 33-kilometer crossing to Cap Gris Nez in France.  Navigating one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, he will battle strong tides, choppy seas, cool water and jellyfish.

“The Channel swim is one of …

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Solving the mysteries of blindness


A team of international researchers led by The Children's own Dr. Robert Koenekoop have identified a new gene responsible for Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), a devastating genetic form of blindness in newborns. What makes this discovery so exceptional is that this new gene called NMNAT1 – known to be crucial for life – has never been associated with any human disease. This is the first time such a major correlation has been established. “This is probably one of the most important discoveries in neuroscience and blindness in the past 15 years,” said Dr. Robert Koenekoop, first author of the study, …

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Relief is in sight for families in need

What do you do when a child is critically injured or diagnosed with cancer, and both parents work? Often there is no choice - one parent must stop working to care for the child. This difficult reality can be one of the most devastating side-effects of a child’s illness. Bills go unpaid, and even the cost of food and clothing can be too much. But yesterday, the Canadian government took a giant step in the right direction: starting next June, parents of sick children will be entitled to up to 35 weeks of EI, up from the current 6 weeks. …

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Run the Marathon Oasis & ½ Marathon de Montréal – free!


As one of the official charities of the Marathon Oasis & ½ Marathon de Montréal, we have 50 FREE spaces reserved just for you! The spaces can be used to register for any event: full marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km or 1km. All events are now sold out, with the exception of the 1km - but even sold-out events are open to members of The Children's team! Registration for the marathon is free - but participants must commit to raising a minimum of $500 to be eligible for a spot on the team. Spaces are available on …

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Three cheers for the Mighty Bike!


If you were downtown the week of June 11 to 15, you may have noticed a giant, 30-person bicycle travelling down Ste-Catherine Street, with passengers cheering, dancing, clapping and otherwise celebrating as they made their way through the city. If you wondered what you were looking at, it’s Pedal for Kids, one of the Foundation’s major fundraisers. The event’s been around for more than 20 years, and has raised nearly $10 million dollars for The Children’s thanks to the efforts of thousands of people from dozens of corporate and community teams. Under the leadership of Warren Lee and the …

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