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Donations in lieu of favours or bonbonnieres

Why not make your celebration even more special? Our wedding donation program provides brides and grooms with a meaningful alternative to traditional favours or bonbonnieres. This thoughtful gesture will allow you to share your joy with children across Quebec. Honour your wedding guests by making a donation to The Children’s.

To acknowledge your gift in honour of your guests, we can provide cards, printed announcements or a laminated certificate announcing the generous donation you made. These are available in French, English or any other language you provide. Please allow ten business days for delivery.

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Testimonial: Why we shared our special day

Growing up in big Italian families, my husband and I are no strangers to Sunday lunches with too much food and a table surrounded with loved ones. Much like pasta on a Sunday, the tradition of giving a party favor “bonbonniere” at weddings is customary in our culture. Ever since I was a little girl I could remember my parents bringing me to beautiful, lavish weddings with hundreds of guests, and all I was excited about was receiving the party favor, and then opening it under the tables while the adults dined.

Eventually the time came to plan my wedding, and one of the infinite decisions we had to make was what our party favor would be. We wanted to do something a little different; something that we hoped would be memorable for our guests. We were stumped as to what it would be. We wanted a new tradition.

As a pediatric nurse working an acute surgical unit at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, I witness a lot of life’s difficult moments. One day after work, I called my fiancée to voice my sadness and frustration, and told him I felt it wasn’t fair that while we were planning our big day, some children were facing terrible times. At that moment it became clear, what better way to begin our lives together than by helping those who were for fighting for theirs.

After looking at different options, we decided that in lieu of the usual party favor, we would give a donation to the Montreal Children’s Foundation. Although we knew it was the right thing to do and felt great about it, we were still worried how our more traditional relatives would accept it. The result was a success! Not only was everyone truly appreciative of the gesture, but many of our relatives and friends are now also doing the same for their weddings, baptisms and other occasions!

We found our new tradition.

Carla & Nicodemo Sansalone

Donations in lieu of wedding gifts

For the bride and groom who have everything, donations can be the perfect wedding gifts. As a guest, you can make a donation in honour of the bride and groom at any time, and a personalized card will be sent to notify them of your gift. To make a donation in honour of an upcoming wedding, click here.

If you are getting married and would like to request that your guests make a donation to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation in lieu of giving you a gift for your wedding, we can help! We’ll help you plan your fundraiser and give you advice on how best to communicate to your guests that you’d prefer to receive a donation than a gift.

Set up a personal fundraising page in honour of a wedding

We are excited to offer you the chance to create a fundraising webpage in honour of your wedding. You can personalize the page by adding your own unique story and photo, then email family and friends to request donations to The Children’s – or even include an insert in your wedding invitation with the address of your fundraising page. Click here to create a fundraising page.

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For more information about wedding donations, please contact Angelika Maselli at or by phone at 514-934-4846 ext. 29262.

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