Build a legacy by joining the Circle of Life

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation invites you to join the Circle of Life and to help us continue providing the best possible care for all our young patients. In doing so, you will not only benefit from tax advantages, but you will also contribute to bettering the future of children cared for by The Montreal Children’s Hospital. There are many ways to become a member of the Circle of Life:


A donation through a bequest in your will is within everyone’s reach.  You can plan either a particular or a residual bequest to benefit The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.  If you choose a particular bequest, you are opting to donate either a sum of money, securities (including RRSP or RIFF) or immovable property to the Foundation. You can also leave the residual of your estate, or a portion of it, to the Foundation.  A bequest must be made in the prescribed manner.

Endowment funds

The lifetime endowment fund offers you the opportunity to initiate a personal, family or community project while supporting our young patients for a long time to come. An endowment fund is established through the signing of a contract, for a minimum of ten years. It can also be a perpetual contract, allowing future generations to participate as well. With a minimum of $10,000 accumulated over the first five years of the fund’s existence, a portion of the income and interest generated by the fund is distributed annually in support of a project designated by you in the endowment contract.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. An endowment fund can help us meet great objectives, such as improving the quality of life of our young patients, furthering pediatric research, or helping to purchase equipment. An endowment fund also allows us to establish bursaries, lectureships, fellowships or chairs in pediatrics, ensuring The Montreal Children’s Hospital remains a centre of excellence.

Donations of publicly-listed securities

The donation of publicly-listed securities offers significant financial advantages. By donating shares, you make a gift to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and do not pay income tax on your capital gain. The donation of publicly-listed securities will entitle you to a tax receipt based on the fair market value of the donated securities on the day of their transfer to the Foundation.

This type of donation can be combined with other planned gifts, such as bequests, endowment funds or annuities.

Charitable gift annuity

You can make an important donation to The Montreal Children’s Hospital while increasing your annual income by means of a charitable annuity. Part of the capital donated is used to purchase an annuity that guarantees you monthly or annual payments, which could be non-taxable. The other portion of the donated capital is considered as a charitable gift, for which you would be entitled to a tax receipt.

Gift of life insurance

You can offer a better future for children by donating either a paid-up insurance policy or an existing policy under which The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation becomes an irrevocable beneficiary, on which you pay the premiums. You can also name the Foundation as the beneficiary of one of your existing life insurance policies.  We can advise you as to the amount for which a tax receipt would be issued to you in this situation.

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