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Within the walls of our hospital lie stories of determination, of milestones reached, of relief and thankfulness. There are also stories of distress, helplessness, anxiety, and unfortunately sometimes even grief. As long as there will be children fighting disease, there will be the need for more research, equipment and top-of-the-line care. This is where you can play a major role.

Tune in on May 31st, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. to hear the amazing stories of our courageous children!

Official Partner

2017 Miracle Hour sponsors

2017 Food sponsors

  • Arouch Bakery
  • Boulangerie & Cie
  • Café Gourmet
  • Hansel & Bagel
  • MTY – Tutti Frutti
  • NDG Bakery
  • Pasta Casareccia
  • Presse Café – Glen site
  • Rafraîchissements Coca-Cola
  • Soupe Etcetera

2017 Print Sponsor

2017 Live Hasgtag Printer - Selfie Station Sponsor

2017 Spirit of Radiothon week participants

The Spirit of Radiothon Week aims at bringing Radiothon into the community at large. During the week before Radiothon, these companies donate a percentage of their sales. Please drop by the businesses below and encourage our young patients.

  • Bâton Rouge - Quartier des spectacles
  • Crème Fraiche, Boutique de cupcakes
  • IGA Extra Supermarché Famille Guimont Inc.
  • Halte Bijoux- site Glen
  • Modicana
  • Pâtisserie de l’île Bizard
  • Schwartz's
  • Soupe Etcetera – site Glen

2016 Radiothon Photos

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