September 30, 2017

PTSD Challenge – Pedal To Support Dads

This ride focuses on supporting the dads who are suffering from PTSD caused by their child going through the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) and to raise money for the MCH Foundation. In May 2015, Andrew Gordon-Stewart and Richard Sholzberg (the two founders of this ride) decided they wanted a challenge to raise money for the MCH Foundation as Andrews son spent one month at MCH after being born 8 weeks premature. They cycled 165km from Mont Tremblant to MCH and raised $5,000, the unexpected realization upon completing the ride was that Andrew was suffering for PTSD, even though it had been 14 months since his son was discharged.

What was clear was that being a part of the ride, doing the training and completing the challenge, helped Andrew get out of his “funk” caused by PTSD and allowed him to have a positive focus to recover. In 2016 the 2nd edition of the ride was from Parliament hill in Ottawa to MCH (215km) and again it raised around $5000. 2017 will be the 3rd edition and will be a 200+km ride through Montreal, Lachine, F1 Track and Old Port, with the addition of a ‘Peloton’ joining the main ride for the last 50km of the ride. This year we want to take it too the next level, we now want to try to help other dads who are either suffering right now, suffered in the past (and want to help others) or for those who do not realize they are already suffering.

Montreal Bike Path

Andrew Gordon-Stewart – 514-862-4267

Richard Sholzberg – 514-984-6442

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Children’s Hospital Foundation

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