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In memory

In loving memory of our beloved Christopher

Our cherished son Christopher departed after a nearly 13-year struggle with brain tumors. Help to honour the life of a very special son, brother and grandson by making a donation in order to help fund efforts in Neuro-Oncology for the young patients at The Montreal Children’s Hospital. Together we can make a difference and honor his memory. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am …

In memory

A la memoire d`Enrique et Merida Galiana-Audet

En remerciant chaleureusement le personnel du Children's qui a su prendre soin de notre famille à travers l'adversité.

In memory

Kevin Patrick Gardner

I wish to thank you in advance for making a donation in memory of Kevin. Kevin has spent a lot of time at the Children's Hospital for so many reasons such as surgery, therapy and many appointments to ensure that he remained in the best health possible. I created this fundraising page so that all the children, especially those like Kevin, can receive all the care necessary to keep them healthy, safe and happy. I know that Kevin will send you his love from Heaven with every donation …

In memory

Justin Meilleur

Justin est et sera pour toujours dans notre cœur. Son passage parmi nous fût malheureusement beaucoup trop court, la vie ne lui a pas laissé de chance, mais il laissera sa marque à jamais dans nos vies. Nous t'aimons très fort petit amour! Tu nous manques!... 28-29 octobre 2010. Honorez la vie de Justin en amassant les fonds nécessaires pour les jeunes patients de l'Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants. Ensemble, nous pouvons faire une différence.

In memory

OUR BELOVED YIA YIA (Elizabeth Rodoussakis)

Help to honour the life of a very special person by raising much needed funds for the young patients at The Montreal Children’s Hospital. Together we can make a difference.

In memory

Benoît Mercier

En mémoire de Benoît, nous souhaitons contribuer à la recherche sur la maladie qui l'a emporté trop rapidement. Du même coup, vous remerciez toute l'équipe médicale qui a contribuée à son passage dans nos vies durant ces 30 belles années. Nous remettrons l'argent au département de pneumologie qui l'a si bien soigné. Merci à vous tous pour vos dons, merci pour votre soutien et votre réconfort. Sa sœur Elise, toute la famille

In memory

George Vaggalis Foundation

We want to remember a special boy....an angel. In March 2010, George was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (brain tumour). He fought cancer for three years and never gave up, and never lost hope. He was a fighter until the end -April 22, 2013. George was the kind of kid who always found happiness through everything, no matter what he was going through. He was a boy who brought joy to every room. A boy who everyone loved to be around. George was there whenever someone needed him and he loved …

In memory

Allen Family


In memory

Langlois Family

In memory of our family's friend, Bruce Morin. We were privileged to share with him and wife so many wonderful events. Bruce indicated his wish to his numerous friends to privilege donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, so does the Langlois family. Bruce had only one brother, Ronald (Ron) married to Therese Langlois.

In memory

Panagiotis (Peter) Kitsos Tribute Fund

Help to honour the life of a very special boy, Peter, by making a donation to The Montreal Childrens's Hospital Foundation. These much needed funds will help young patients at The Montreal Children’s Hospital. Together we can make a difference.

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