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Welcome to our Monthly donation program

By partnering with the Children’s each month, you give sick children access to much-needed innovative programs, cutting-edge research and provide our staff with highly specialized training. Thanks to you, the hospital can better rely on a predictable source of funds.

Examples of your hugs at work…

  • You + 3 other monthly donors can help to provide one week’s worth of accommodations and meals for a family in need during their child’s hospital stay.

  • You + 19 other monthly donors can help to buy a crash cart to save a child whose heart has stopped beating.

  • You + 74 other monthly donors can help to buy an oxygen saturation machine for children in the Medical Day Hospital.

The Circle of Hugs monthly donor program

  • Members make a minimum of $20 per month donation to the hospital.

  • Members automatically receive issues of our magazine Le Children, filled with patient stories, developments at the new Hospital and updates on how your gift is at work

  • Members receive a detailed Impact report of how their donation has helped throughout the year

  • Members benefit from convenience of pre-authorized payments while helping the Foundation to maintain low administrative costs

What’s in it for you?

Convenience: You tell us how much you want to give, what day of the month, and with which method of payment and we take care of it all for you.

Win-win: You offer sick children continued support all the while helping the Foundation maintain lower administrative costs. You will receive a one-page impact report on how your money changes young lives.

Rewarding: it’s one of the best feelings in the world to know you are doing something concrete to help sick children.

Don’t wait! Give a kid a hug today!

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