The Young Ambassador’s Club

The members of the Young Ambassadors’ Club know a secret: even little kids have the power to make a difference.

These young champions have chosen to give up birthday presents or organize fundraisers in their communities to help make our Hospital an even better place for sick kids to get well. We are grateful for their contributions, and very proud to have these exceptional young people representing The Children’s in their schools and neighborhoods.

You child wants to be on the wall too? Get in touch right now with Angelika!



Thomas Plamondon, age 8, donated his birthday money to The Children’s. Thank you!

Aiyana, Amanda and Maya Kaplan


Aiyana and Amanda Kaplan and their cousin Maya Kaplan/Katz young entrepreneurs who chose to donate their earnings of $107.21 from their Ice Tea Stand  to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation to help sick kids. Thank you!



Ella Knott, age 7, donated her birthday money to The Children’s. Thank you!



Ryan Rowe, age 12, donated her birthday money to The Children’s. Thank you!          


Xavier Ferreira

Birthday champion Xavier, 7 years old, generously donated $800 to the Child Life Services Department at The Children’s after asking his family and friends to make a donation in lieu of birthday presents. Young Xavier is proud that this donation will benefit hospitalized kids, who can enjoy watching DVD’s, playing games and participating in the Music and Art therapy programs, thanks to donations like this.

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