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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation creates hope for sick children by providing access to cutting edge equipment, ensuring that the care kids receive at The Children’s is second to none. To the donors listed below we extend an extra special thank-you for their exceptional contributions in support of our Hospital. To see a listing of all our donors, please consult our annual report.

Telehealth – a gift from Bell transforms healthcare at The Children’s


For the families of young patients living in distant or remote regions of Quebec, the challenge of caring for a sick child can be even greater. The time and money needed to travel to see specialists are obstacles that can add to a family’s stress and, in some cases, limit the care they receive. Since 2004, The Children’s has made remarkable strides in providing care through real-time conferencing to patients who cannot always make the trip to the Hospital. In 2011-2012 a total of 1144 Telehealth sessions took place at The  Children’s. Sessions through teleconferencing range from speech therapy to …

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Standard Life offers help and hope to adolescents in need

Dans l'ordre habituel, Dr Harvey Guyda, directeur général associé, Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants; Dre Evangelia Amirali, Pédopsychiatre, Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants; Charles Guay, président et chef de la direction, Standard Life; Marie-Josée Gariépy, présidente, La Fondation de l'Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants

For children and adolescents diagnosed as psychotic, medication is not an option – it's a necessity. But when the literature on its effects for young patients is barely available, the urgency shifts to understanding how it impacts their health – as early as possible. Thanks to the generosity of Standard Life, The Montreal Children's Hospital now has the means to understand and possibly one day even prevent the metabolic complications caused by psychotropic drugs. The problem, explains Dr. Lila Amirali, is that the literature on these effects for adolescents is virtually non-existent. “Over the past decade we've become more and more aware of …

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Happy 25th anniversary “Just for Kids” Foundation!


Founded in 1987 by a group of devoted volunteers, the “Just for Kids” (JFK) Foundation’s mission is to purchase life-saving medical equipment for The Montreal Children’s Hospital. This May, the organization will mark a quarter century of loyal support to the Hospital and over $7 million in funds raised. These accomplishments have impacted the lives of countless young patients who have benefited from better care thanks to the JFK Foundation’s support. “The JFK Foundation addresses a very concrete need. They provide state-of-the-art equipment that the Hospital wouldn’t be able to acquire otherwise. The result is that we have the …

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Support from the Foundation of Stars continues to lead to hope and discovery at the Research Institute

fondation des étoiles 16 mars 2012

The Foundation of Stars has announced a contribution of $545,056 to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, to support research into childhood diseases at The Montreal Children’s Hospital. This year’s gift brings the Foundation of Stars’ total contribution to The Children’s to over $28 million since 1977. “Our longstanding partnership with the Foundation of Stars has been crucial in the evolution and success of child health research at The Montreal Children’s Hospital over the years,” explains Dr. Jacquetta Trasler, Scientific Director of Child Health Research at the MUHC. “Two of our leading investigators, whose missions are both …

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Jospeh Borsellino and the Foundation: a source of inspiration


Mr. Jospeh Borsellino, president of Garnier Construction and board member of the Foundation, is an active philanthropist and volunteer deeply committed children’s causes. Through the fundraising activities of the Foundation, which culminate each year in a spring gala event, a pledge of $1 million has been made to the campaign to support the cutting edge work of The Children’s world class neurosurgical team and its craniofacial surgery program. A longtime supporter of the neurosurgery division, headed by Dr. José Luis Montes, Mr. Borsellino’s initial commitment to the campaign was directed to the Intra-Operative MRI operating suite, which was inaugurated …

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