By Julie Dessureault,

Goblins, ghosts and giving back: celebrate Halloween for The Children’s


Whether you’re 8 or 28, Halloween is a special holiday. It’s a time when, at least for an evening, you get to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. For some of the kids at The Children’s, Halloween is an extra special time. At the Hospital’s annual Halloween costume party, kids get to put aside all the worries, pain and heartache of being sick, and wear their superhero alter-ego on the outside for once. Halloween is a favourite holiday for kids and adults outside the Hospital, too, and this year there are lots of ways that you can enjoy this creepiest of …

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By Leigh-Ann Cote,

They said I had two months to live. They were wrong.


My name is Leigh-Ann Cote, I’m 22 years old. I’ve been a patient at The Montreal Children’s Hospital for my whole life. When I was 18 months old, I got very sick. I was tested for everything but no one could discover what I had, or help me get better. Finally one of my doctors, Dr. Fujioka, did a blood test and discovered that I had a dangerously low platelet count. I was urgently transferred to The Children’s from my home in the Eastern Townships, and very nearly didn’t survive the night. I had lost consciousness on the way to the hospital, …

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By Fondation du Children,

The birthday present


Westmount One resident Mrs. Sara Margolese was turning 98 and wanted to celebrate this special milestone with a gift. She decided that the gift would not be for her but for someone else. She got the idea when Rosanna D’Orazio, coordinator of Social Services at The Children’s, spoke to residents of Westmount One about the kind of work she and her team carry out for the familes of patients. She spoke of the plight of an adorable young patient named Sarah whose health was putting her family in serious financial difficulty. Sarah is a patient at The Children’s who must make …

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By Anita Raj,

Today, I am living the best life


When I saw that I was accepted into MED-P with a scholarship at McGill University, I couldn't stop smiling. My dream had come true – finally, I was on my way to becoming a doctor and helping other kids just like myself! At the age of six, I was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma brain tumour at The Children’s. My family and I were shocked to hear the news. After being admitted to the hospital, the doctors performed surgery to put a shunt inside me, from my brain to my abdomen. Four days later, I underwent an 11-hour surgery to remove …

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By Sophie Simone,

A lemonade stand for Daniela


My students and I had to see a classmate, Daniela, leave at the beginning of the school year after she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our entire school community was shaken and affected by this unsettling news. Daniela has been back to school, progressively, in the last 3 weeks and now it is summer vacation already! Our class had a lemonade stand on Friday, June 22 - the last day of school - to raise funds for The Children's in honour of Daniela. We raised $811.45! We were all very proud! Sophie Simone Grade 3/4 Teacher Saint Vincent Elementary School Photos

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