By Fondation du Children,

Out of tragedy springs hope


Some families touch us in a special way. Alesia’s family is one of those. When they walked into our office after Alesia's death nearly two years ago, tragedy was fresh in their hearts. But from the ashes of a great sadness, the loss of their adored two-year-old daughter, they have built a legacy. This June, they are holding the second edition of Alesia’s Magnolias, a festival of epic proportions that brings together children and families to laugh, play and celebrate in Alesia’s memory. In anticipation of this event, Alesia’s mother was interviewed by as part of …

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By Christelle Jacquet,

Music therapy: the beat of life


Human beings are by nature musical beings as they carry rhythm within their body and seek synchrony with others. Rhythm is present not only in our heart beat but also in our breathing which is influenced by our experiences. As music therapists, our role is to promote health by guiding children in using their musicality to find strength and empowerment when facing illness. We are present throughout the wards and clinics and work hand in hand not only with the multidisciplinary teams but also with the families to empower them in their unique role and guide them in helping their children …

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By Sophie Lesiege,

My baby had a broken heart: A mother’s story


It’s July 4, 2006—my due date. My daughter Maxinne was 13 days late, so I’m pretty sure that my son Romain will keep us in suspense for a few more days, but we’re ready for him. Maxinne, who is almost five, keeps asking: “When are you coming OUT Romain?” Friday July 14, Romain arrives. Finally, I have my son and daughter by my side—it’s pure bliss! But this joyful moment is cut short when our midwife notices that our son has a bluish complexion. She gives him oxygen, but it doesn’t improve his condition as expected. She knows that something is wrong …

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By Simon Lyonnais Bourque,

This week I’m leaving on an amazing expedition


Hi, My name is Simon, and I am an oncology patient at The Children’s. The week of March 3 to 11, I will take part in an amazing expedition. Organized by the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, the program encourages teens living with cancer to overcome their limits by going on therapeutic adventure trips. I had the opportunity to take part, so now I’m getting ready to leave for Bay James. It’ll be a real wilderness adventure, where I’ll have to travel between 100 and 150km a day by ski-doo. This trip is really important to me, because it will …

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By Fondation du Children,

How do you like our new look?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, has been re-launched with a shiny new look and some great features. One of our favourite updates is the addition of online fundraising pages – these are pages that you can easily build yourself to collect (and track) money that you are raising for a tribute fund, a special event, or any other type of fundraiser. We are also very excited about our Event Calendar; with a new layout and expanded capabilities, it’s easier than ever before to find and take part in fundraising events for The Children’s. Please take some time to explore …

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