By Fondation du Children,

Dr. Terry Sigman Interim Director of Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Dr. Terry Sigman

Dr. Terry Sigman has been working at the Montreal's Children's Hospital for 20 years, and has done a good deal of fundraising around Crohn's Disease. We asked her about her dedication to treating children and how her drive to become a doctor started at home. Q: When did you first know you wanted to be a doctor? A: I think it really struck me while I was in high school. I grew up in a family of doctors, so I was always surrounded by people caring for patients. It became ingrained in me early on. I did an undergraduate degree in psychology …

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By David Barbiero,

Why we chose to share our wedding


As teachers, my wife and I loved the idea of sharing our wedding day with The Children’s. After giving it long thought, we decided that a traditional wedding favour was not for us. We found out that it was possible to make a donation instead of buying wedding favours after my (now) wife Candice went to a wedding show and met with someone from The Children’s, who explained to her that many couples were choosing to make a gift to a cause they care about, rather than giving wedding favours to their guests. The kids sealed it We saw The Children’s represented at yet …

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By Wendy Longlade,

Remembering Kaitlin: a mother’s words of thanks


To all the staff, nurses, physicians of the Montreal Children’s Hospital,

I am forever grateful for all the people of the MCH who have helped us over the last three years. Your kindness and care for my daughter Kaitlin and our family is immeasurable. You were there for us in the beginning of our journey, when we were transferred to 9C on her second day of life. We were terrified and worried but our first encounter was with a special nurse whose consummate knowledge and care for my baby assured me that the MCH was a special place, and we were …

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By Fondation du Children,

Villa Maria students take a stand against eating disorders


It’s their last year of high school and Villa Maria students Karen, Alexia and Sara are determined make a difference there before they graduate. These three inspiring young women have decided to volunteer their time and creativity to raise funds for The Children’s Eating Disorders Clinic by organizing a series of activities in their school. First up was Yoga Week, held late this January. Next they’ll put their heads together, with help from their teacher Maria Di Scala, to plan a week of fundraising during the month of March. Their goal is to not only raise funds but also awareness – that’s …

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By Susan Sipos Green,

A gift to remember Lori and Michael

Michael Daniel Sipos- 1985

During my 35 years as a teacher and as an administrator, I had the pleasure of knowing thousands of children. Kids are incredibly precious and require special care – the kind of care that is available at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. I knew this fact as an educator, but I also experienced it first-hand as a parent. Between the late 1970s and the mid-1980s, the Montreal Children’s Hospital was my family’s second home as we spent countless hours there with our two children, Lori and Michael. Looking back, those nine years were a blur. But I will always remember and be …

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