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Vue d’ensemble du nouveau Campus Glen

Welcome to the new Children’s!

The countdown to moving day is on!

The construction of the future Montreal Children’s Hospital is almost finished!

With less than a year before the new Children’s opens on its doors to patients, work at the Glen site is almost done!

More than 1750 workers and 400 professionals have been working day and night to ensure that the project remains on time and on budget.

Clinical teams are visiting the site regularly to see their new work environment and provide valuable input.


The Operation Enfant Soleil Emergency Department is almost finished. A provincially designated trauma center and one of Canada’s busiest emergency departments, it will be expanded to twice its current size. Each patient and their family will be afforded greater privacy by having their own room during their visit. There is also a dedicated trauma elevator that runs directly to the operating suites, saving precious time when every second counts.

With a total campaign commitment of $25 million, Opération Enfant Soleil is one of the largest contributors to The Best Care for Children Campaign to build the hospital. Operation Enfant Soleil’s support is one of the cornerstones upon which our new hospital rests.

In addition to the Opération Enfant Soleil Emergency Department, Opération Enfant Solei has also provided for:

- The new Children’s Medical Imaging Department, with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools;

- An intra-operative MRI, a Canadian pediatric first, which will be moved to the new hospital.

A new way of caring

Take a virtual tour!

Preview of the Virtual Tour

The new Children’s will be a state-of-the-art pediatric hospital that offers our young patients the very best care possible, in a setting designed with their particular needs in mind. Although the hospital is not yet open to the public, you are invited to share our vision of what this new facility will look like, by taking a virtual tour of a patient room.

New facilities will allow us to offer our young patients even better care, in a healing environment specially adapted to their needs. Patients are at the heart of what we do, and the new Children’s will be designed with the comfort, dignity and safety of patients and their families in mind. The new Children’s will feature:

  • 154 pediatric single-patient rooms (100%) with private bathrooms and space for visiting family members
  • In-room space for mobile equipment for bedside procedures
  • Improvements in technology and equipment, allowing for faster diagnoses and less invasive treatment, leading to faster recovery periods
  • Bedside controls for lighting, temperature and sound
  • Separate elevators for patient transportation

In short, the new Children’s will be all that modern medicine has to offer and more.

The Best Care for Children

A key partner in the project, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation has made a substantial contribution by raising $105 million through The Best Care for Children Campaign, chaired by Marc A. Courtois.

The Glen site: a hub for world-class academic medicine

The Glen site will be home to the new Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute, a Cancer Centre and the Research Institute of the MUHC, which will include The Children’s Research Institute. The Shriners Hospital will also be on the Glen site.

The proximity to adult services will allow our health care professionals who work with children and adults to collaborate and exchange information, research results, and treatment plans. More importantly, our young patients will pass seamlessly from pediatric care to adult services: a huge plus for young adults who might be anxious at the thought of changing hospitals or meeting a new doctor and caregiving team.


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Children’s Hospital Foundation

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