The power of giving

By La Fondation,

Brenda Beaudoin doesn’t just give to the Children’s Foundation, she gives back.

Brenda knows first hand how important donor support is for receiving top-of-the-line care. She was just 10 months old when she underwent surgery at the Children’s. Later, when both her sons needed treatment—for multiple open heart surgeries or debilitating migraines—she realized again how important the Children’s community really is for her family.

“I give to the Children’s because they gave life to me,” Brenda explains. “You cannot put a value on life, but you can put a value on time, which is what the Children’s gave us.” Time to spend with her children.

Brenda has been a proud monthly donor for over 10 years. A member of the Circle of Hugs, she understands how critical monthly donors like her are to the Hospital. Monthly gifts provide the stability and consistency required for the Hospital to meet its patients’ most urgent needs, like purchasing ultrasound probes, surgical instruments, oxygen delivery systems and even a precision heating-cooling device to save children’s brains.

Brenda also volunteers for the annual Caring for Kids Radiothon. She says it energizes her to be able to answer the phones, take donations and to speak with others like her who want to support sick children by joining the Circle of Hugs. “You feel appreciated for giving your time by other donors who are giving their money,” she points out.

Brenda sees only more giving to the Foundation in her future. It’s her way of thanking the staff “who care for the kids, and for us too”.

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