A break thanks to P.K.

By La Fondation,

On January 3rd, in the early hours of the morning, my son Gabriel and I were getting ready for a very exciting day: We were setting off on a 2-day trip to Nashville, USA, to meet P.K. Subban and watch him face off against his old team.

Going on vacation with Gabriel takes a lot of planning. Because he suffers from severe haemophilia, I had to make sure the hospital in Nashville could care for him in case of any health issues.

We even got the chance to fly on a private jet, where Gabriel was dazzled by the wide assortment of candy he got to eat!

During the second period of the match, we left our seats at the Bridgestone Arena to go meet P.K., who was out with an injury. Meeting his idol is something my son will always remember. P.K. gave him a big hug, and Gabriel gave him a book about Jean Béliveau, “so he’d have something to do while he’s hurt”. Although P.K. is still quite young, he’s great with kids. It’s quite impressive.

It was a great experience for Gabriel, who for a long time associated the hospital with pain. For years, Gabriel would cry and scream in the car each time we’d turn onto Tupper Street to go to the old Children’s. He didn’t want to go. Meeting a great man like P.K. is the kind of positive experience that changes everything for Gabriel. Thanks to everyone who made the trip possible!

- Helene, Gabriel’s mom

Thank you P.K.!

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  1. Lorna Fisher says:

    I still follow PK and watch his stats. Glad to help by donating to PK’s Children’s fund.

  2. Matt Dinsmore says:

    Good story! I am always amazed with how much PK has given to the hospital and children both in his donations, and his personal time.

    Our son is 22 months old and also has severe hemophilia A. Thanks to the excellent support and training from the staff in Complex Care, we now do his IV infusions every other day from home. He sits in his mum’s lap eating Cheerios, watching Elmo, and pretending to help me give the treatment. It’s truly amazing.

    We are so fortunate and thankful beyond words to have access to all the resources that the Children’s offers, it’s our home away from home.

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