Families rely on the Montreal Children’s Hospital to save their seriously ill or injured child. You can help to change the lives of our young patients with a simple and lasting gift. Choose one of our limited paving stones that will bear your inscription in the Rio Tinto Gardens, an exterior welcome retreat for families needing to take a break and reflect. Your personalized stone will be a lasting message of hope and support. Leave your mark at the Children’s today.

Seize this unique opportunity by choosing your paving stone today.

What you'll help us accomplish

The Montreal Children’s Hospital treats more than 250,000 babies, children and adolescents each year. Your donation to the Footsteps of the Bear campaign will support a number of the hospital's top priorities, including:

  • Purchasing state-of-the-art equipment that would have been unthinkable at the old facility due to its layout;
  • Funding pioneering research into childhood diseases that could lead to important discoveries;
  • Assisting families facing financial difficulties due to their child’s hospitalization.

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Children’s Hospital Foundation

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