Jayden Wadera

jayden wadera

Jayden celebrated his 10th birthday by asking friends and family to donate various toys and gift cards to the Children’s in lieu of receiving presents for himself. He is proud to have raised about $2,000 worth of money, toys and gift cards for the Child Life Services department. Bravo Jayden and welcome to the Young Ambassadors Club!

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Touching testimonial of a 16-year-old


I'm in Sec 5 and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. I never would've said that a year ago though, when I was feeling suicidal. I used to hate myself so much. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked big. I felt so ugly in my skin that I thought if I walked out in the street, people would look at me and be disgusted by what they'd see. I especially hated my curves. Some men made me feel bad about my body. So I decided to stop eating. I limited myself …

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A mother who cares


At the Children’s, there’s a saying that “kids must still be kids”. Jennifer Michelin Berzan understood that the day she first brought her son Alexander to the hospital for his asthma problems.  She and her sister were frequently treated at the hospital when they were young and her short stay with her son made her realize the limited resources the hospital had to entertain children.  She decided to do something to change this, and take advantage of a valuable opportunity to teach her kids the importance of mutual aid and sharing. With help from family, friends and the community, Jennifer and her sons …

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Splash… for the Future

Heros race with DrClown

Lorena and Norman Cook couldn’t imagine the success Splash and Dash would become when their daughter Sarah was diagnosed with cancer. Last Saturday was 15th anniversary of this event, created by the Cooks, to benefit cancer patients and Sarah’s Floor at the Children’s. The event’s organizing committee, with chair Frances Szeto, presented a check of $275 265, shattering all records for the event. As a special treat, Montrealer and international singing star, Nikki Yanofsky was there to celebrate the day with the attendees. S&D 2016 PHOTOS TRIATHLON OPEN RESULTS 2016   Wonderful Teams

We thank all our participating …

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Actions speak louder than words

Katrin Nakashima

“YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL NEED THE HELP OF THE CHILDREN’S NEXT.” Proud mom Katrin Nakashima wrote these fateful words in a 2003 fundraising letter for the Children’s that also served to announce wonderful personal news: the adoption of her second son, Justin. Kathy joined the board of directors at the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation back in 2001 out of gratitude for her first son Jordan, also adopted from birth. Jordan’s only trips to the hospital were the result of being a rambunctious toddler. His third birthday was a fundraiser for the Children’s so that he would learn from an early age …

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