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Our Team

Management team

  • Marie-Josée Gariépy Marie-Josée Gariépy President
  • Kim Fraser Kim Fraser Vice President, Marketing & Communications
  • René Larouche Renée Larouche Vice-president, Partnerships and Special Events
  • Natalie Nahmiash Nathalie Nahmiash Vice President, Individual Giving
  • Maryse Ulrich Maryse Ulrich Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Valerie Frost Valerie Frost Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations
  • Suzanne Korf Suzanne Korf  Director, Individual Giving
  • Josée Della Rocca Josée Della Rocca Director, Partnerships
  • Tiffany Belliardo Tiffany Belliardo Director, Planned Giving
  • Caroline d'Auteuil Caroline d'Auteuil Director, Special Events

Foundation staff

  • Executive Assistant to the President
    Samar El Soufi


  • Assistant Director, Communications
    Séverine Defouni
  • Digital Communications Specialist
    Louis Beaulieu
  • Marketing, Communications and Stewardship Officer
    Stephanie Gurd

Finance and Administration

  • Administrative Coordinator
    Georgeta Alexandru
  • Controller
    Stéphanie Martine
  • Senior Coordinator, IT & Database
    Violaine Fortin
  • Database Agents
    Nadisha Hosein
    Anh Pham
    Brigitte Pauzé
    Marek Zielinski
  • Receptionist
    Régine Hazan


  • Individual Giving Officer
    Rayna Goldman

Legacy and Tribute Giving

  • Tribute Program Officer
    Josie Pizzuco
  • Coordinator, Tribute Program
    Angelika Maselli
  • Gift Planning Coordinator
    Claudia Romero-Dneprovski

Annual Giving

  • Coordinator, Annual Giving
    Sandra Woo
  • Leadership Circle Coordinator
    Josée Garneau
  • Assistant, Annual Giving
    Phyllis Djoboulian

Corporate Partnership

  • Associate Directors, Corporate Partnerships
    Margaux Watine
    Angela Vahaviolos

Community Events

  • Advisors, Special Events
    Stephanie Goudie
    Anne Lassonde
  • Coordinators, Community Giving
    Alessia Di Giorgio
    Michèle Le Fèvre

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Children’s Hospital Foundation

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