Medical breakthroughs at The Children’s

  1. 1904First pediatric hospital in Quebec.
  2. 1926Social services are officially integrated at The Children’s, a first for a pediatric hospital.
  3. 1938The first surgery in Canada to repair a congenital heart defect is achieved at The Children’s Memorial Hospital.
  4. 1946The first cardiac catheterization in Canada is done at The Children’s.
  5. 1949The Children’s is the first pediatric hospital in Canada to have a medical genetics department.
  6. 1950The Children’s is the first pediatric hospital in Canada equipped with a psychiatry department.
  7. 1958The first open heart surgery performed on a child in Quebec is achieved at The Children’s.
  8. 1961The Hospital creates the first outpatient clinic specifically for adolescents in Canada.
  9. 1966The first therapeutic cardiac catheterization on a young patient in Canada is achieved at The Children’s.
  10. 1971Dr. David Murphy and Dr. Bruce Williams found the Pediatric Burn Unit, a first in Quebec.
  11. 1976The Children’s is the first hospital in Canada endowed with a research program in community pediatrics.
  12. 1977The first pediatric CT scan in Canada is performed at The Children’s.
  13. 1978Nurse Celeste Johnson, a PhD holder, is named coordinator of nursing care research, a first in a Canadian hospital.
  14. 1979The Children’s establishes the first program in Canada for the intensive insulin treatment of diabetic children.
  15. 1980The first pediatric bone marrow transplant in Quebec is performed at The Children’s.
  16. 1980The neurophysiology department creates one of the first pediatric laboratories in Canada to use evoked potentials, enabling the establishment of a cerebral cartography during surgery.
  17. 1985The Children’s achieves the first successful liver transplant on the youngest patient in Canada, in collaboration with three other Montreal hospitals, within the framework of the joint pediatric liver transplant program.
  18. 1991The Children’s establishes the first pediatric live-donor kidney transplant program in Quebec.
  19. 1993The Children’s becomes the first hospital in Quebec endowed with a pediatric intermediary care unit.
  20. 1994The Children’s becomes the first pediatric hospital in Quebec to offer magnetic resonance imaging services in their new 3rd floor location of the B wing.
  21. 1995The Gustav Levinschi Laboratory, named for the first pediatric speech therapist in Canada, is inaugurated at The Children’s.
  22. 1996The Children’s establishes the first multicultural psychiatric clinic in Quebec.
  23. 2000The Children’s sets up the first fetal diagnostic and treatment team within the larger McGill University Health Centre.
  24. 2002For the first time in Canada, the artificial Berlin heart is successfully used by Dr. Christo Tchervenkov on the youngest patient in North America while awaiting an organ transplant.
  25. 2003The speech-language department, in collaboration with the oto-rhino-laryngology division, is the first to use Tele-Health to treat off-site language difficulties.
  26. 2005Opening of the Pediatric Insulin Pump Therapy Centre, the first of its kind in Canada.
  27. 2009For the first time in Canada, Surgeons at The Children’s use an endoscopic technique to remove a tumour from an 18-month old child’s face without leaving a scar.
  28. 2009The Children’s is home to the first Intra-Operative MRI in a Canadian pediatric hospital.

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